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The Roman Empire reached its greatest geographic extent under the reign of Emperor Trajanruled 98 117 AD Trajan s wars of conquest extended. Trade was an essential part of life for the Romans the empire was worth a great deal , trade managed to bring in a lot of that money Rome s population was one.

The Roman Empire was remarkably multicultural The standardization of money throughout the Empire promoted trade , market integration.

Trade in Ancient Rome including links to various forms of trade, considerations of the factors influencing Roman trade , the roman economy., transport

What did the Romans trade.

Information about trade goods used during the roman economy.

The Romans traded almost everything with everyone, silver., while experts in marble , iron working due to the Roman Empire being so vast they traded in dyes, woods Roman empire had very good trade relations with India especially Tamil kingdoms in southern India The Tamil Kingdoms: Cheras, Pandyas had a vibrant trade., Cholas

How can the answer be improved. Trade in the roman empire. Discover all about the Ancient Roman economy with information on trade, coins , much more., taxes, imports, manufacturing

Trade was vital to Ancient Rome The empire cost a vast sum of money to run , trade brought in much of that money The population of the city of Rome was one

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